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St Richard of Chichester is the Church of England parish for South Langney and the Sovereign Harbour. We are committed to growing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ by building authentic and genuine relationships with all of those in the local community - We are seeking to make a family out of strangers!

A warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to join use for our Sunday worship, or for any of our weekly events. We stand in the Catholic Tradition, which means we place value upon engaging all of our senses to help us encounter the Divine. Our services are lively and colourful: we use vestments, we ring bells and sing, we use our eyes to encounter the mystery of the Church on Earth, and we taste the bread and the wine (Christ body and blood) which we place at the centre of our worshipping life together. There is a formality to our worship, but it is engaged and engaging; it is Spirit filled and joyful and we actively seek to encourage participation. 

As followers of Christ, we seek to channel his love and welcome to the local community through a verity of ways such as our community cafe, social events, activity for family and children, and charitable works. We do all of this as a family, made up of individuals from all walks of life, with many different backgrounds. 

Be it you are Christian or an inquirer, or you need help with important live events such as, baptism (christening), funeral or wedding, of you are interested in events to do with families and children, or if you would like a pastoral visit, or simply to have a chat, our church doors are open throughout the week. Come along one Sunday, we would love to meet you!

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